Meet: Victoria Mercado / by Melissa Martinez


Here's the first installment of the Meet Series, where I interview and share the stories of women that I work with and inspire me. Meet Victoria Mercado, Puerto Rican model and creative director with whom I've had the pleasure of shooting recently in New York City. I first met Vic four years ago in an 8 a.m. class and was instantly captivated by her natural confidence and unique style. Get to know this magical human through her own words. 

What are your hopes and dreams? 

I hope to keep enjoying life as I do now in any shape or form it comes. I’m currently a graduating senior and so many people are bringing up this whole "life plan" one has to follow, which weirds me out every time I hear it. By many, life’s stages are summoned into: going to school, high school, college, getting a job, getting married, growing a family, retiring, trying to have fun when you're the most fragile (old) and then you die. I’m not about viewing life like that. I don’t want my future to look as structured, I want that mess that lead to my growth

There is so much more out there, and to me viewing life as such can just limit one's perspective on attainable possibilities. The beauty to each day is fact that we don’t know how it is going to unravel, which also comes with fear. I’m so scared right now, but we improvise every day and I’m confident with my skills on that. However, I hope to keep embracing this fear in order to keep enjoying life mindfully and not constrict myself to the “plan” one is supposed to follow. Other than that, my ultimate dreams are: to ride in a hot air balloon, own a horse and a cow and fulfill my passions in my career. 

One book/film/song/story that changed your life or had a big impact?

#GirlBoss by Sophia Amoruso changed my life. I used to read for fun when I was little, but then it stopped. Mostly because I got glasses perscribed due to my daredevil tendencies of reading in the dark. #GirlBoss affirmed that reading can be fun (again) and, most importantly, that I wanted to study fashion. The semester I read it, I became a style columnist for a student-run magazine on campus and loved it! I discovered that I could write for fun, which definitely was not a present feeling before. So, yeah - because of Amoruso’s way with words, I now enjoy what school made tiring. Plus, my confidence skyrocketed when it came to my personal work. 

What's one thing people should know more about?

People should definitely be more open to learn more about the benefits of mindfulness in every aspect of your life. 

Is there a quote you live by?

“Todo fluye” [It all flows] is the quote I live by. I always have a bracelet on that says it. It is a great reminder in times of angst; like a mantra - as my Mom would say.

What is your favorite place in the world? Why?

Amsterdam! I visited when I was abroad in London and basically experienced what I would call a perfect weekend: a fair, Banksy art exhibits, museums, park chilling, desserts on desserts, and killer, fresh Mexican food! People were to nice. I have a note on my phone stating how I have to live there for at least a minimum of three months.